Student Responsibility

Arrive at each lesson on time, with proper materials, and ready to learn!

Schedule daily practice or study in a quiet location, without distractions. Begin to pay attention to how you think or feel about what you are doing. Be prepared to talk about it.

Singers are expected to practice daily for the prescribed amount of time at an interval recommended by the teacher. (e.g. three times daily for 15 minutes each time, etc.) Singers must take care to neither “over practice” nor “under practice”.

Studio Responsibility

My goal is to help each student learn and improve at a rate that is appropriate to his or her level of individual development and provide the student with guidelines for successful independent practice and study.

I believe in individualized instruction, tailored to the needs and abilities of the student by identifying strengths and weaknesses, then bringing them into balance. My teaching philosophy is that musical skill can be effectively attained through a creative combination of drills, visualization, ear training, and kinesthetic awareness. I believe that the foundation of vocal strength comes with scalar exercise, which results in muscular and mental discipline. Musical study should be fulfilling work that brings the satisfaction of learning to use the mind in new ways and develop new skills. I like to approach things in a way that will be enjoyable for everyone.


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