Voice Lessons: Vocal technique consisting of foundational building-blocks for healthy voice use in singing.

Desired skills that a singer develops with study include:

1. Release of inappropriate muscular tension,
2. Freedom and ease of phonation,
3. Good posture,
4. Reliable breath management,
5. Tone placement and resonance awareness,
6. Range extension,
7. Register blending and vocal agility,
8. Clear diction,
9. Increased vocal strength (of laryngeal musculature,) and
10. Artistic interpretation.

Lessons include postural and breathing exercises, vocal warm ups, voice building exercises and study of selected repertoire, with attention given to expression and musicality. Basic vocal anatomy and vocal hygiene will also be taught and applicable repertoire will be selected based on individual student needs and or performance goals.

General Music Instruction:  Consists of an introduction to music theory and ear training, with a portion of the lessons spent using those skills to sing simple folk songs.

This type of lesson is appropriate for young students age 9-13, who do not already read music and have little to no performance experience. Skills that will be covered at the student’s personal pace include: learning to identify note names on the staff and on the keyboard, note values and rhythms, clefs, key and time signatures. Once those skills are well developed, intervals and then scales will be introduced along with the solfeggio sight singing method. Assignments will be given to supplement the concepts covered in lessons and should be completed before the next lesson.


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